About us

My name is Ken...

And Mami, and Akira, and Hugo... And a long list of Kyoto photographers and videographers that form the family of Studio Trip. Although based in Kyoto, we come from different regions of Japan, which allows us to suggest the best locations across the country for your ideal shoot.

More than a decade of experience

Regardless of whether it’s a pre wedding, proposal, family or solo portrait, we bring to all of our photoshoots our more than a decade of experience in high-end photography and videography, our deep knowledge of the ancient capital and its nooks, and our passion for communication in order to create an everlasting memory of your trip. Enthusiasts of negative space and the interplay of lights and shadows, we love portraying the genuine, vulnerable side of our subjects and engraving them in the lush colours of the Japanese landscapes. We photograph people of all ages and origins in constant search of that warm, candid sense of timelessness in our works.

Photograph of the team of photographers of Studio Trip Kyoto

Memories enrich life

We set up approximately 500 photoshoots per year in hotels, shrines and temples.
We would like to deliver the knowledge and experience we have cultivated through the last decade to travelers from all over the world.

Life is adventure and memories.
Travelling makes character and memories become precious assets.
The journey itself is our home.


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Our profile

We have been doing wedding video production and photography work at hotels, shrines and temples for 10 years.
We believe that memories enrich our lives.

Spring photoshoot with sakura in Kyoto Our History
Established in 2013. We conduct about 500 photoshoots per year.
Couple photoshoot in the Geisha District of Kyoto Our Location
Mainly active in Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo.
We accept commissions all over Japan.
Family photoshoot at the Hyatt Regency Kyoto Hotel Our Community
Partnerships with major luxury hotels, historical sites, temples, etc.

What we do:

  • 48 hours after the session, we will send you the data via e-mail.
  • Video : 3 min. of edited material.
  • Photo : shooting and retouch of over 100 photos (depending on the duration of the shoot).
  • Pick-up at your hotel is possible.
  • We will book the activities for you.
  • We will as well introduce you to recommended spots and restaurants in Kyoto!
  • Every session will be assisted by an interpreter (service available in English, German and Spanish)