Our aim is to offer you a tailor-made experience that adapts as much as possible to your ideal. That’s why we consider it essential to talk with you and decide the perfect location and time for your Kyoto photoshoot. We offer a wide range of options, suitable for different budgets.

Regardless of the category (pre wedding, engagement photoshoot, family photos on holiday or solo portray), the price of our plans depends only on the length of the desired photoshoot and on whether you want it to be photo-only (or video-only) or include both videography and photography. A professional interpreter will participate in every session in order to ensure a smooth communication with the photography team and create a space of trust where you can express uninhibitedly.

Although we are based in Kyoto, we accept commissions all across Japan.

Photo/Video Only Package

In this package, you choose whether you want the session to include only photography or only video.
One photographer (or one videographer, in case you choose video) and one interpreter will guide you through the selected location and conduct the photoshoot.

Prices start from 40 000 JPY for a 1 - 1.5 hour long photoshoot.

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Spring photoshoot with sakura in Kyoto Couple photoshoot in the Geisha District of Kyoto

Photo & Video Package

This package includes both photography and videography.
One photographer, one videographer and one interpreter will guide you through the selected location and conduct the session.

Prices start from 80 000 JPY for a 1 - 1.5 hour long photoshoot.

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kyoto couple photoshoot gion

Kimono rental option

We include a kimono rental option for those interested in wearing the traditional garments while walking the ancient capital.
Thanks to our partner Tayu-Tafu, you can enjoy a relaxing kimono experience before starting the shoot.
Let us know if you are interested in our contact form and we will book the kimono rental for you!.

Kimono photoshoot woman Women's kimono
12,000 JPY
Kimono photoshoot man Men's kimono
10,000 JPY
Kimono photoshoot kid Kid's kimono
6,000 JPY

What we do:

  • 48 hours after the session, we will send you the data via e-mail.
  • Video : 3 min. of shooting and edit
  • Photo : shooting and retouch of over 100 cuts (depending on the duration of the photoshoot).
  • Pick-up at your hotel is possible.
  • We will book the activities for you.
  • We will as well introduce you to recommended spots and restaurants in Kyoto!
  • Every session will be assisted by an interpreter (service available in English, German and Spanish)


If the desired shooting location is more than 20km away from Kyoto Station, transportation expenses will be charged separately, as well as the fees for the chosen activities (boat tour, trolley, etc.).

Photoshoot location Location of your choice (limited to Kyoto).
*We are not allowed to record or take pictures in the shrines, temples and other facilities where photography for commercial purposes is forbidden.
Booking and Payment terms
  • - Please, make your reservation by 6pm (JST) at least two days before the desired date of the photoshoot.
  • - Please, take into account that we might not be able to meet the desired conditions for the photoshoot.
  • - A maximum of 7 people can participate in the photo session.
  • - The payment shall be made by credit card or Paypal before the day of the photoshoot.
  • - The travelling expenses of the photographers will be charged separately. In addition, if the chosen locations for the photoshoot were to charge entrance fees, they will also be charged separately.
Dress code The photo session will take place in casual wear.
Changes in the schedule Changes in the schedule shall be notified by 5pm (JST) of the day previous to the photoshoot.
Cancellation policy In case you cancel the request after the payment has been executed, the following cancellation fees will be charged depending on the day the cancellation occurs.
  • - 7 to 1 days before the photshoot: 50% of the sum total.
  • - The day of the photoshoot: 100% of the sum total.
Weather conditions The photo session will take place even in case of rain or cloudy sky.
If we deem impossible to conduct the session due to natural disasters, we reserve the right to call off the photoshoot. In such case, this company will not be held liable for the cancellation.
No change of date fee will be charged for the new shooting date.